Who Murdered Tracy Twyman?*

"I don't trust Sean, he is one of them" - Tracy Twyman

The Question that have been been waiting to be answered: Who Murdered Tracy Twyman?

Who Murdered Tracy Twyman


"that somebody was her friend that turned... this was somebody she knew that this, okay, and somebody was posing as a husband and wife is what I was getting.."

"She was kind of struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers so this is a betrayal on a total level.

Hollywood crowd Diva & Psychic, Sloan Bella and channeling Tracy R. Twyman on July 18th 2019 

Sean Bryan Alger, and his "fiancée" Alicia Anna Taylor (who is a practicing nurse)
Facebook Message: Sender: Tracy the boys are really concerned that you may not be safe or have control of your accounts. Can you say something to me so I know its you and your ok ? Jun 3, 2019  Sender: You really hurt _____. I don't think you a very good person. Jun 4, 2019  Seen Jun 4

"..somebody was her friend..somebody she knew.. posing as a husband and wife" Sean Bryan Alger (a.k.a. S.B. Alger, owner and operator of S.B. Alger Studio Productions), and his perpetual "fiancée" Alicia (Lee) Anna Taylor of Boise, Idaho (who is a practicing nurse, originally from Walla Walla, Washington.)

An aggressive message sent from Alicia (Facebook handle Lee Lee) to Tracy R. Twyman, to connect back to Sean Bryan Alger, after Tracy attempted to sever communications and all connection with S.B. Alger.

A Few days before Tracy Twyman's death, Tracy told her husband: "I don't trust Sean, he is one of them." 

"I'll end in whimsy and say I've found this beautifully talented and strangely erotic man.." - S.B. Alger (Sean Bryan Alger)

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